6 Must Haves for Baby you didn’t know you needed

6 Must Haves for Baby you didn’t know you needed

Each time an friend gets pregnant, I get asked this question: what absolutely must I have for this impending bundle of joy? 

1. Nose Frida- oh yeah, it’s digusting. There’s no way to sugar coat it- you are actually sucking the babies snots. I personally have used this for years, though, and have never consumed a snot.


2. Bottle drying rack- I’m sorry, but I don’t run the dishwasher every day. Even if I did, for some reason my dishwasher takes forever and a day to dry things completely. Hang the bottles here and they are quickly ready for use again. Works great later on for sippy cups too!


3. Vic’s Humidifier- we started with a smaller one. We had to refill it Every. Single. Night. Then we switched to the big Vic’s Humidifier. Fill that sucker up once and it lasts days. And as kiddo gets older you can even put Vic’s in It. 


4. Happiest Baby on the Block video- yes, there’s a book too, but thankfully someone gave us the video because silly us didn’t watch it until after baby had already arrived and it was very short. And amazing. We lived it, breathed it, followed it like crazy nuts… Because it WORKS.


5. SwaddleMe Swaddles- sure, you can learn how to swaddle the “real way”, or you can take advantage of this lovely thing called Velcro and swaddle the easy way. Because let’s face it, at 4am you aren’t going to remember the back from the front of those regular swaddles. 


6. Rock N Play- once you watch th Happiest Baby on th Block (see #4 above), you’ll learn that you need to recreate the womb in order to calm the child. Now, since you cannot hold the baby 24/7, no matter how hard some of you may try, you need somewhere to put the baby that will make him/her feel secure. This does just that. It’s lightweight and easy o transport. Ms B slept in it for the first 6 weeks, and napped in it for months.


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