5 Things you do not need for the Baby

5 Things you do not need for the Baby

There’s so many things we bought/received and never used when my daughter was born. I realize that maybe you used these, so opinions may differ, but here’s what my family could do without. 

 1. Wipes warmer- we live in Texas, and it’s either warm outside or warm in the house. Then again, if you live where it’s cold, I imagine you have heat in your house? Never bought one of these and did just fine without! 

2.Baby shoes- yes they are cute. But they are pointless. If someone else buys them, game on, but don’t waste your money when you’ve got years of diapers to spend that money on. 

 3. Stuffed animals-see #2 

4. Baby trash bags- don’t bother with these. Stop by a pet store and buy the pet doody bags. They cost half as much. 

 5. Sophie- speaking of pet stuff, don’t spend your money on this over priced giraffe when there perfectly acceptable knock offs at target. Or just go without. We were given one and it sadly went unused. 

 What at are your thoughts? 

 #babylist #babyregistry


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