Baby Books to Read

Baby Books to Read

There are SO MANY BOOKS on babies and development and motherhood. It’s overwhelming. Which ones do you read? Which ones are useful? Which ones are crap? There’s just so little time and so little energy when your pregnant… And once that baby comes, there goes your memory. I’m told it has something to do with the lack of sleep, probably so.

After reading- I kid you not- at least 50 books on pregnancy and babies, in the end, these were the only ones I needed:

  1. What to expect when you’re expecting- I’m sure you’ve heard of it? Well, for good reason. While not everything in the book applied to me, there were countless pages of good advice.

  1. Baby Bargains- this book is amazing. It reviews all the products and provides recommendations of the best product and recommendations of the price.

  1. Baby 411- this is like the cliff notes version of all the other baby care books. And I like cliff notes!

  1. The Vaccine Book- I’m not trying to perpetuate the to vax or not to vax debate here. If you are familiar with this book, you’ll know that it is the happy medium between the two arguments. You give your child all the vaccines, but on an alternative drawn out schedule so you can closely monitor the reactions.

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