Bare Minimum for Baby

Bare Minimum for Baby

What do you absolutely need for baby? If money is tight, what’s the bare minimum?

  1. Diapers- just when you think you have enough, get 5 more boxes
  2. Onesies- you could leave the kid in just a diaper I suppose… But 10 onesies are nice
  3. Car seat- unless you don’t plan on ever leaving the house and your pediatrician makes house calls
  4. Baby wipes- true, you could use face cloths, but you’ll reconsider that after the 3rd diaper blowout of the day
  5. Sleeping arrangements- this is a broad category since it could include a crib, a swing, a rock n play, a bassinet, or a cosleeper. That’s your preference, but remember it’s really not up to you and the kiddo will let you know what they think pretty quickly.

That’s it.

Now let’s say you have a few extra bucks…

  1. Snot sucker- Nose Frieda or bulb will do the job
  2. Receiving blankets/swaddles- that will help little one sleep, which is a glorious thing
  3. Noise machine- you could download an app for your phone for free, though



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