Cloth Diapering for newbies 

Cloth Diapering for newbies 

Before Ms. Bug was born, I did the math on cloth diapering. Let’s say one cloth diaper costs the same as a medium box of diapers- $25 ( usually they’re less but I like simple math).  Let’s say you don’t like to do laundry every day, so you need at least 25 to get you through 2-3 days at the beginning. A box of diapers gets you through a week or so. That would mean that after roughly 25 weeks, your cloth diapers would be saving you money.

And they’re cuter. And they double as bottoms, no pants required in the summer. Score!

Now given, they are bulkier, so you have to size up on pants, or in our case, wear a lot of dresses. And you’ll need to buy a wet bag to carry the dirty ones in when out, but those are cheap. Oh, and you’ll want a big wet bag for at home.

Still, I like to save money, so I said sign me up. 

Here’s my list of the diapers we tried with the results and the relative cost. I’d suggest you do what I did and buy a few diapers from few different brands. Each brand fits differently. And remember, every child is different so just because a brand didn’t work for our chunky monkey, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for your string bean.

Before we begin, a few words to the wise- you don’t have to get cloth diaper specific detergent. After weeks being unable to get my cloth diapers clean using cloth diaper detergent, I switched to Tide and lo and behold my diapers were like new. We have hard water, and the cloth diaper detergent wasn’t strong enough.

Also, there are pocket diapers and all in ones, as well as other types . I don’t have the time or patience to be folding and pinning a diaper to my kids bum, so I stuck with all in ones and pockets. All in ones are exactly that- everything you need in one diaper. They are just like disposables- one piece with tabs or buttons- except made of cloth. Pocket diapers are like a duvet- cute outer shell that you need to stuff the fluff pad into. You can wash the dirty pockets with the insert inside, you just may need to take the insert out to dry them effectively. 

Lastly, you’ll see a “diaper sprayer” on the market. We did just fine without one. If it was a poop diaper, we used a baby wipe to scoop the poop into the toilet then threw diaper in the wet bag. If it was just a wet diaper, we simply threw it in the wet bag. There, $30-50 saved not buying the sprayer 🙂

Now onto the brands. All of these are available online. These are the ones that I liked:

Charlie Banana $$$- these are pocket diapers. Cute patterns. One size fits all. I found they were thinner and lighter than other brands and thus easier to manage. Their website has good deals.

Cocalo Perfect Bum $- I was sceptic at first because of the price being so low, especially since the diaper came with an adorable matching shirt. Don’t be fooled, this pocket diaper was great. The shell had plastic like material and kept the wet in, and supposedly you take the pocket out and it could double as a swim diaper (though we never tried). These come in sizes, and are true to the weight.

Bumgenius $$$$- there’s a reason these are so well known. They are great. And such adorable patterns! These all in ones worked perfectly for us. If you go to the Bumgenius website, you can et great deals.

TotsBots $$$- these are also pocket diapers, but the cool was that the insert was attached and when you washed it the insert dislodged itself for better cleaning and faster drying. Again, good deals on the website.

FuzziBunz $$$- this is another popular all in one brand. They were nice, but for some reason they always took forever to dry in our dryer. Literally all of the other diapers would be dry and these would still be wet.

Grovia $$- I wanted these all in ones to work, since the price was fantastic, but they always leaked. You should still try them though, since every child is shaped differently. The quality looked good.

Some of the ones I wouldn’t recommend:

Chelory $$$$- this is a little known brand of all in ones. They also had a long drying time, and were a bit bulky. 

Royal Fluff and Jungle Roo $- I saw these on Zullily all the time and took a chance. I love a good deal, but there’s a reason these are always on sale for cheap. They constantly leaked, and the inside lost its texture and fluff. After a few wears and washes, they looked pretty haggard. 

Alva Baby $- this is similar to the ones above, except you see this one on the bulk other diaper websites and not Zulilly. You get what you cap for with with this pocket diaper.

A side note… We had a Premie.  Ms Bug was born at 5 lbs. I don’t care if the cloth diaper says it can resize to 5 lbs. It’s a pain, it’s bulky, its clumsy, don’t bother. We used disposables until she reached 8 lbs, then started to cloth diaper

Another note… At about a year old, we had leaks every single night. I tried everything I could to make the cloth diapers work with no leak, and eventually gave up and put her in disposables at night. Ms Bug’s sleep and thus my sleep was just more important than my commitment to cloth diapering.

Good luck!

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