Apps aren’t Evil

Apps aren’t Evil

Yes yes, I know you don’t want your kid to use electronics. I know you try your hardest… But then that tired day, or that sick day, or that Monday, or (in our case) that plane flight comes along, and dagnabbit you need the iPhone to entertain the kid for just a little while.

There are three companies that I have numerous (ok, all of them, we take a lot of flights) apps from. Keep in mind Ms Bug is 20 months now.

1. Peek A Boo barn- how do I love Thee? Just so many ways. There’s Peek A Boo Barn, Peek A Boo Zoo, Peek A Boo Fridge, and more. My child has learned animals and sounds from these apps and has enjoyed them since she was 1 or so.

2. Sago Mini- again, there are so many to choose from. When she was smaller she’d watch while I moved the fish around in Ocean, and drove the truck in Road Trip. Now she loves figuring out the puzzles in Pet Cafe on her own.

3. Little Baby Bum- this one is a life saver for long car rides. She watches the videos and we all sing the songs.

Good luck!


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