Best 18 month old toys

Best 18 month old toys

Ms Bug is now 22 months. There were so many things I asked for at her first birthday, thinking she would use in the future… And sadly many things she never touched. Then there were the toys she loved and used daily. 

1. Sand table- since Bugs no longer puts everything in her mouth, I’m comfortable with this toy. Make sure to get one with a top or you’ll have a mess after the first rain!

2. Wooden Puzzles- Melissa & Doug makes fantastic lift the latch puzzles, and other companies make wooden puzzles that make noises.

3. Reusable Stickers- we are big fans of Melissa &Doug in this house, and their reusable stickers are genius. And cheap! They sick to windows and mirrors with ease.

4. Slide- we didn’t get the wimpy little baby slide and opted for the 3-4 foot tall big kid slide. It means we have to watch her every time, but it also means she thoroughly enjoys it and won’t grow out of it in 6 months.

5. Books books and more books- especially books that involve lifting flaps and naming body parts. I Spy books are thoroughly enjoyed, and Where the Wild Things Are is her favorite.
Best of luck!!!


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