What to buy a 1 year old 

What to buy a 1 year old 

Let me start by saying there are clothes. Of course there are clothes. But if you’re heading to a 1 year old birthday party, do the parents a favor and buy 18 month or 2t clothes. Nobody has time to deal with returns of the clothes are too small.

Then there are shoes. When Ms Bugs was 1 she wore size 4, but every kid is different. Therefore, like the clothesC buy a size that the child can grow into, like 5 or 5.5. Stride Rite is the good ol stand by but super expensive. If you want something cheaper, Skidders makes great covers for the wee feet. 

And of course there are toys. Who doesn’t love toys? Now be a good birthday guest and don’t bring toys that pop, bang, talk, or make any noise. You will most definitely end up on the parents shit list for that! Ms Bugs loved the following things when she was @1 year old:

1. Touch and Feel flash cards- she actually wore some of the feel parts of these down to nothing. There are multiple sets and they are @$6 a box. Get all three.

2. A Car/truck/buggie to ride in and get pushed around in

3. Water table- since kids this age still put everything in their mouths, steer clear of the sand table for a little while longer

4. Push Cart- if the little one isn’t walking, this will help them get around and explore.

5. Sign language flash cards- yes, this is more for the parents but the kid will enjoy them to. And unlike the noisy toy, this will put you at the top of the parents cool list.

And books. Lift the flap books. Pop the bubble books. Touch and feel books. Nursery rhyme books. Bring on the books.


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