The best baby gifts

The best baby gifts

So you’ve been invited to a baby shower. Congrats! If you’re like me, before I had kids, I had no idea what to buy the mom to be, and I always deferred to clothes. Along with generally 50% of the other folks at the shower. And while clothes are nice, let’s all strive to be the rock star friend that doesn’t bring yet another cute onesie that the mom to be will feel obligated to remember to put her child in. When she’s on week three of no sleep. 

And for the love of everything good and mighty, include the receipt!

1. Diapers-  Sure, it’s not cute. It’s not fun. Nobody will say oooohhhh or squeel wtih delight. We aren’t winning prizes for best gift here, so buy something you know mom will use. If you’re not sure of the size, buy size 1.

2. Nose Freida- yup, it’s a snot sucker. But you know what? Kids of all ages get congested and babies (and toddlers) don’t know how to blow their noses. So you have to suck that snot out. My kid is 2 and I still use mine.

3. Gift certificate to a restaurant that has deluvery- No one in that house will be sleeping. No one will be cooking. Be a dear and provide the best kind of food, the kind that shows up at their front door.

4. Laundry pick up service gift certificate- if you live in a city, this is usually available. 

5. Did I say diapers?

6. Breast feeding supplies- if you know mama plans on breasts feeding, support the endeavor and buy some supplies- cream, pads, lotions, etc.


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